At Pezenas in the Herault, close to Beziers, in Languedoc Roussillon

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In the heart of the Art and History Country

At the junction between the beaches of the Lower-Languedoc and the inland Hérault countryside, Pézenas has inherited a rich heritage from its past.
A town of market fairs and state affairs, it was a favourite resting place for Molière and his illustrious Theatre group.

Its historical centre retains the charm of the seventeenth and eighteenth century private hotels, its cobbled streets and sixteenth century bourgeoise
houses, which served as the setting for the Consular House, the former seat of municipal power. Where, up until the middle of the seventeenth century,
the meetings of the Languedoc States where held. Its religious heritage is also worthy of note : The former Black Penitents chapel, which was transformed into a theatre during the nineteenth century, the former chapel of the Ursulines convent with its highly interesting furniture and fittings and the Collegiate Church of St-Jean, where a “treasure” compiled of objects from the collective town churches is worth visiting.

In traversing the Pézenas countryside, visitors can discover wine producing estates with their own discreet charm, but who at the same time, offer wines of great quality. Artistic displays, theatre, dance, music, arts and crafts exhibitions from May till October, artists and craftsmen, working throughout the year in their respective gallery-workshops. If Molières visits are the most famous, other personalities have added their own contribution to the local history, such as, Paul Vidal de la Blache, the inventor of human geography, the singer Boby Lapointe and Venel the renowned chemist.

To see:

■ The old town with its "conservation area" classification, the houses from the end of the Middle-ages and the private hotels, dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
■ The collegiate church of St-Jean, with its “treasure”.
■ The Vulliod-Saint-Germain museum with the seat of Molière.
■ The Architectural Interpretation and Heritage Centre.
■ The Crafts House, the Doors museum, the Toys museum, the Boby Lapointe museum.

To do:

■ An animated night-time tour in season, a classic guided tour or an audio-guided tour.
■ The Molière “Scénovision”, entertainment- tour in 3 D and in 5 acts.
■ Evening craft fairs (Wednesday and Friday nights during summer).
■ Evening wine fairs (Friday nights during summer).
■ The indicated town trail, tour maps on sale at the Tourist Office.
■ "Berlingots" (candy sweets) tastings, Tél : 04 67 98 16 32, and "Petits Pâtés" (savoury pastries).
■ The Saturday market.
■ Visits to exhibitions, art galleries, craft workshops or the antique shops.
■ DWithin the framework of "Country of Art and History", by car, embark on a circuit of discovery relating to the Golden Age in the seventeenth century (explanation signboards located in principal car parks).

Pézenas : un patrimoine à vivre